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Tips To Eliminate Pain When Coming Months

TIPS TO ELIMINATE PAIN WHEN COMING MONTHS - Menstruation or menses (menstruation) is common among women. Usually children - girls start menstruating at the age between 11 to 16 years this means medically girl has had a readiness to conceive, but in cultural or psychological readiness to conceive for girls should be after the age of mature from the age of 19 or 20 years , The length of a normal menstrual period generally ranges from 3 to 6 days, but some are more than that even reaching 10 to 15 days, as long as there are no symptoms - symptoms of impaired or disease then it is said to be normal. Usually in normal women they got menstruation every 28 days, but this situation is not the same in every person varies depending habits. A common complaint experienced by teenage girls teenage years are coming in often feel pain or irregular time. This is usually not a disorder or disease. It is still showing signs of normal.

Tips - Tips when women feel pain when coming months;

1. Women who experience pain during menstruation or menstruation actually do not have to feel anxious or excessive fear. The pain experienced during menstruation is a normal phenomenon that occurs in women, especially if it's still early teens usual symptoms.

2. When the pain experienced during menstruation arrives, actually do not need to lie in bed like a sick person, even with continued pain laid tersebuat seemed increasingly become - so.

3. Pain during menstruation often be reduced or lost altogether if you move your body, take a walk, or perform light tasks such as sweeping the house or yard, wrong - wrong room, cooking or light exercise.

4. To reduce the pain during menstruation in addition to moving the body can also be done by drinking warm water, or soak feet in warm water, the way you sit in a chair, prepare warm water in a bucket for example, then rendamkan feet in warm water while drinking beverages that can warm.

5. Another thing that can be done to reduce pain during menstruation is warm compresses on the belly, how to prepare in a container of warm water and a small towel or cloth, and the cloth insert into the warm water and wring, paste on the abdomen in warm and humid , Then repeat again if the fabric has become cold. In order for durable warmth does not quickly evaporate, having affixed over the abdomen with a plastic seal again thereon may also plus plaster so warm last long.

6. Another way when it feels pain during menstruation can be eliminated or reduced by taking painkillers containing aspirin or as directed by health workers, but it's best if the way - simple and natural way can be cured does not have to take medication as often take medication for the chemical thing - the less need less good for health because of drugs - a chemical drug will cause side effects, except for an urgent new take medication as if by the way - the traditional way does not improve even the pain was severe before taking the medication, it does not mean waiting until but for some cases of severe drug is often unhelpful or no effect even cured by the way - the way of simple because of disorders such as pain during menstruation, for example, is not a disease so you should medication be the last option. If it has been inspected by health officials there is a disease that drug use should be done.

Alcohol Dringking Habits Severe Hepatitis

Alcohol Dringking Habits Severe Hepatitis - Many habits - habits that do can cause chronic disease, one of the health-damaging habits is the habit of drinking liquor or alcoholic beverages are high. Alcohol can bring pleasure to those who drink, but can also bring misery long. Drinking alcoholic beverages in terms of health are taken once - time is not too harmful to health, but if alcohol is drunk every day with excessive and becomes a habit will have an impact - a bad impact in addition to health as well as for mental health, which, if every day is at the influence of alcohol will lead to loss of self-control or the ability to consider the good and bad that will lead to further violence against others. This habit can be prevented either by knowing the effect on personal health.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is done continuously according to some health experts can caused hardening of liver disease (cirrhosis hepatic). These diseases afflict people - people who for many years have a habit of eating less and always drink alcohol excessively.

Sign - sign of the disease is usually suffered by people - people aged over 40 years who always drink alcohol excessively, first - first the person is suffering from diseases such as inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), which is characterized by symptoms of loss of appetite or loss of appetite, body feels weak and lethargic, suffering from stomach disorders and often feel pain in the upper right abdomen or heart area. In cases of severe illness increases patient can be thinner and may have vomiting blood, even in more severe stages of the patient's feet may swell and growing stomach filled with fluid, skin and eyes may become yellow (icterus).

Hardening of the liver disease who has severe intractable, drugs - drugs do not work or cannot help. Preferably at the beginning of the visible symptoms - symptoms of hardening of the liver disease should be doing - as follows; the main thing is to stop drinking alcohol. People who really are addicted to alcohol or heavy drinkers and not show signs - signs of liver disease may immediately terminate the habits, if difficult to be done slowly or gradually by reducing the dose than usual, was gradually reduced continue to be offset by improvements in diet and foods that contain high nutrition to stop completely. Stop completely is a major step to stop hardening of the liver disease.
The next step is to diet, start eating nutritious foods, especially foods that are high in protein and vitamins sufficient. Protein is useful as a substance forming the body tissue, i.e. for growth and the formation of muscle tissue, brain, DNA other body parts. Foods that contain lots of protein including; eggs, chicken, meat, milk, cheese, soybeans, peas, beans, peanuts, dark green vegetables, seeds, grains, and other types of nuts. Foods that are rich in vitamins including; meat, liver, eggs, fish, fish oil, cheese, greens, reddish yellow vegetables, fruits such as papaya, oranges, apples and other grains. Besides drinking water which is quite a lot or other fluids like coconut water and others are also good for the body is not lack of water or dehydration. If there is swelling in patients with hardening of the heart then he must abstain from eating salt.

Benefits of Plants for Medication

Benefits of Plants for Medication
Benefits of Plants for Medication. God vies us many of medication type for heling our disease. Therefor we can collect those plants for any particular injury or illness and make it as medicine.

Benefit of Papaya
Papaya ripe (mature trees) has several Benefits, in addition to delicious food that is rich in vitamins, ripe papaya useful to overcome the digestion, the suffering from gastric disorders or ulcers can eat Papaya cook to help digestion digest foods, especially foods of meat that are difficult to digest by people who have stomach disorders.

Useful papaya latex anyway to eliminate the worms in the intestine; namely when picking green papaya that is still going out white sap, take the papaya latex as much as 3 teaspoons, put in a glass of hot water and mix honey to taste, stir until smooth and then drunk.
Young papaya latex useful anyway to cope with burns or wounds insect bites manner; the sap is applied to the wound.

Benefit of Cactus

Cactus trunked tree green small barbs have Benefits to clean the wound and stop bleeding in wounds that bleed. Fluid contained in cactus can help contract the blood vessels in the wound and close it so that the blood stops flowing.
How to use the cactus tree trunks; sliced cactus stem with a clean knife, then put slices of cactus that is still wet on the wound and press firmly. Wait until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding has stopped, the cactus slices tie with a cloth to keep them attached. After 3 hours, open the cloth bonding and wash the wound with soap and water. This is the first aid to wash the wound and stop the bleeding.

Benefit WINE
Tannins contained in wine can attack the virus. Inactivate the virus and lowers cholesterol. Flavonoid contained in wine is an anti-oxidant. Contain iron. Helps blood formation. Cleanse the liver. Help kidney function. Remove the fat of the kidneys.

Benefits OF APPLES
Cleanse the body, muscles and digestive Repair, Overcoming all infections. Pushing the rest of the food in the sewer and heal any inflammation. Control the release of insulin. Helps bone formation. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Absorb calcium from food.

Benefits Avocado
Treating dry facial skin, thrush, sore cavities, bladder stones, diabetes parse inflammation of the bones, high blood pressure.

Overcome dysentery, acute and chronic diarrhea, indigestion, colitis, diabetes.

Benefits Sour sop
Prevent the aging process, increase endurance, low back pain, constipation, sore waist overcome interference.

Benefits OF TOMATO
Overcoming indigestion, irritable bowel overcome, helps the body's metabolism, cleanse the intestines and stomach, preventing appendicitis, cleanses the blood.

Nourish the skin, cools the body temperature, digestion cleaning.

Is hot, nutritious increase transpiration, as a stimulant, diuretic, anti liniment for the pain, stomach reliever?

Lowering high blood pressure, lower blood sugar in diabetics, increase immune system, digestive disorders medication, anti-cancer, can prevent heart disease. Worming, garlic if taken with celery can lower blood pressure, treat goiter.

Benefit OF ONION
Lowering cholesterol activity inside of blood, asthma cure, cure leukemia, and against tumor cells.

Benefit Celery
Maintain youthfulness of cells, maintaining the health of the walls of the stomach and intestines, maintain muscle tone, diabetes, treating asthma, and help dissolve the calcium in the body, treating rheumatism and blood flow.

Chemical Content Of Honey

Chemical Content Of Honey

Chemical Content Of Honey. Why honey is so efficacious to keep the immune system and treat the disease, can certainly be understandable if honey has the required chemical content of the body as nutrients, substances build up antibodies and anti Biotical natural to attack bacteria and other germs.
Experts have examined the chemical content contained in honey. Ingredients include:

1. Water,
2. Glucose,
3) Fructose,
4) Sucrose,
5) protein-building amino acids,
 6) fatty acids (which help the absorption of the vitamin in the intestine),
7) some minerals such as; Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, and copper.
8) Substances of organic acids,
 9) different types of enzymes,
10) Vitamins,
11) protein,

12) Minerals

1. Glucose; The content of glucose in honey is 75%. High glucose content in honey causes caloric content of honey is very high, for 1 kg of honey can provide 3,150 calories.
Glucose (sugar substance) is what allows the cell walls of blood vessels to flow into the blood. Glucose structure (chemical) sole that can be directly absorbed by the blood vessels.
If the inside of honey is mixed sweetener from outside such as white sugar (sugar cane) and others will make the digestive organs work harder to convert into glucose.
The content of glucose in honey is very special because it apart easily absorbed by blood vessels could also be stored, when it is absorbed into the heart of it in the fox so glucagon stored as an energy source backup when at times the body needs energy it will automatically turn back so glucose and direct can be absorbed by the blood vessels to be used as energy used for muscle movement.

2. Substance of organic acids in honey amounted to 80%. In honey is also formic acid.

3. Enzymes, particularly the inverters enzyme that can process the sucrose into glucose and fructose are easily digested and absorbed. In honey also contained the enzyme amylase (modifier to glucose) and enzyme inverters can turn white sugar into glucose and fructose are easily absorbed by the body. Enzymes catalyses and peroxides that help process the oxide and the recovery of the body. Lipase (enzyme fat) serves to digest fats and ingredients - other fatty material.

4. Vitamins, honey is widely available in the vitamin C and the B vitamins in the form of concentrates. Vitamin - This vitamin important and necessary for the body to assist in the formation of proteins, hormones and protects the body from various diseases, such as those contained in vitamin B1 and B2.

5. Protein, in small quantities, but is needed as energy materials.

6. Mineral, in the amount of 18%, so the honey can destroy the acid (be alkali) and function in the healing process of a disease that attacks the digestive organs due to excess acid and due to the inflammation.
Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that can help the formation of bones and teeth,

Potassium, sodium, and calcium are minerals - minerals that help the working muscles and cells - nerve cells.
Iron is used to make hemoglobin in the blood. Aperson will suffer a shortage of hemoglobin blood deficiency diseases.

Manganese and copper play a role in the formation of human tissue.

7. Water, ore microscopic attached, which gives aroma oils in honey and is volatile, and dyes (pigments) which gives color to the color of honey is honey that varies depending on the species.

Traditional Treatment Benefits

Traditional Treatment Benefits

Traditional Treatment Benefits. Traditional medicine in Indonesia has long been done and has been a good culture in this country. Traditional medicine can be done through the herb (medicinal plants and fruits are considered beneficial great to maintain health and treat various diseases), healing form of massage with techniques continue to evolve, and how and other techniques that have been proven to be very beneficial for patients disease without having to deal with drugs containing chemicals

Traditional treatments often proven suitable to treat certain diseases are common and often found in the community, even the usefulness sometimes - sometimes better than modern medicine. Group of diseases that are often treated with traditional ways including; colds, abdominal pain, sore throat, cough, headache, menstrual pain, mild diarrhea, fatigue and disruption caused due to feeling depressed.

Traditional treatment security levels are generally safer than modern medicine in terms that the level of traditional medicine is generally not too loud. Traditional medicine for cold is safer than modern medicine squirted into the nose or hard drugs such as antibiotics. Even the use of antibiotics too often can harm and impacts the efficacy no longer the drugs for patients. Diseases such as mild diarrhea safer cured by drinking hot tea without sugar and drink lots rather than using drugs such as antibiotics. Hard drugs such as antibiotics and others are better used only for severe disease course; minor illnesses do not require harsh drugs. Treatment with prescription drugs often cause danger or risk greater

Economical in terms of traditional medicine is considered cheaper than modern medicines. For example a lot of eating nutritious food and vitamins from fruits and vegetables is better and cheaper than taking vitamin tablets of varying and vitamin injections. Vitamin tablets can cause adverse effects if consumed too much. If we look carefully many modern medicines derived from traditional medicine practices such as quinine comes from cinchona that have been used previously for the treatment of malaria since, processed into pills and used in modern medicine today.

Traditional medicine has its limitations, typically less suitable for certain diseases classified as severe and malignant diseases that harm patients. Diseases are considered severe illnesses including; Tuberculosis, tetanus, diarrhea and vomiting, appendicitis, pneumonia, typhoid, meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain), dengue fever, rabies, malaria, tumor and so on.

Traditional medicine can be beneficial and safe to use only if the user has actually know that traditional medicine was really safe and know how to use it, because for the majority of leaves or bark are used for traditional medicine when used in small quantities (bit) can be a cure, but the use of large amounts can contains poison and endanger patients. Such as treatment with rotting meat or feces of animals and even human excrement is a high-risk treatment that causes tetanus. One important factor of traditional medicine that uses natural ingredients must be absolutely sure that the people who treat their expertise have been recognized and trusted community.

The traditional treatment of patients with the consent of her family gets the examination and determination of disease (diagnosis) by traditional health experts are usually based on the general agreement in which the physician, the patient and his family talk about the disease and the determination of healing together. With the participation of patients and their families in the treatment process and determining the type of treatment and its ways to foster an attitude of confidence in the ability of experts such treatment in addition useful for patients and their families to understand the performance of drugs and really know how to use them so that the risks and possibilities which is not expected to be avoided.

Mental Healing Methods

Mental Healing Methods

Mental healing Methods. Mental healing is a process of self-healing (self-healing), the idea of Self-healing stems from a realization that the man in him has been awarded a complex system and complete by the Creator to be able to grow and overcome a variety of disorders including disease- disease.

Mental healing begins with awareness and understanding of man against himself, where he started figuring out and understanding of conflicts, fears, strengths and weaknesses of himself. For some people who have managed to cure his mental assume that most of the diseases that affects the human body comes from the chaos of thoughts and feelings, such as feeling depressed, anxious, anxiety, and other feelings that show great resistance in him, which affect the physical cause stress, addiction to medicine, cancer and others.

Key to the success of the methods of mental healing often begins with a realization that love affection is the key to human existence, people began to realize the existence of himself and began to open up to the people around him, from there began to grow the expectations, the desire to live and dig positive factors are essential in order to continue to exist, willingness to forgive, the desire for change, positive attitude and generous nature and always want to give.

Mental healing focuses on how people find full awareness of him and how to find the center of a stable existence in his heart; this is considered the most powerful healers of all kinds of drugs. This process is cotinuous which will have an impact on the stability of the human body functions. The word "healing" means a method and process how ultimately mental functions running in harmony and a strong influence on the alignment of the body's functions permanently in general, commonly referred to as "healthy".

The first process is done in this method is to identify the human body's defense field or body biochemistry (aura field) which is the immune fort first before it enters the human body and mind. In this process a person is expected to obtain stability in the energy field of the body's immune system. In this process done nutrition or ingredients that either (foods healers are well located in vegetables such as green vegetables, spinach and other fruits that are rich in vitamins such as orange, papaya and other fresh meats such as chicken meat and others , otherwise food using harmful preservatives are bad nutrition for healing), appreciation and positive thinking, sensory awareness among private in itself with the surrounding environment, prayer-prayer, fasting and methods that are considered to connect the spiritual connection into his heart as a healing center. Good feelings and happiness, emotional excitement affects the immune system.

The next process is directed to strengthen mental with open awareness of heart and spiritual through conditions sincerity by continuing to open their hearts and minds, turn on receipts heart of various events and turn compassion without consideration or remuneration, to build an awareness of the role and purpose of human life such as to serve, teach and pass on knowledge, and to realize the virtues, use the time, realizing harmony - harmony (balance) and personal welfare (internal) and environmental (external), always remember God and feel his presence with awarness and grateful all his benefits.

Mental healing process is expected to realize the benefits - an enormous benefit to live a life that is good and healthy, feel calm and happiness, let go of fears and worries and feel all connected with the source of life.