Benefits of Plants for Medication

Benefits of Plants for Medication
Benefits of Plants for Medication. God vies us many of medication type for heling our disease. Therefor we can collect those plants for any particular injury or illness and make it as medicine.

Benefit of Papaya
Papaya ripe (mature trees) has several Benefits, in addition to delicious food that is rich in vitamins, ripe papaya useful to overcome the digestion, the suffering from gastric disorders or ulcers can eat Papaya cook to help digestion digest foods, especially foods of meat that are difficult to digest by people who have stomach disorders.

Useful papaya latex anyway to eliminate the worms in the intestine; namely when picking green papaya that is still going out white sap, take the papaya latex as much as 3 teaspoons, put in a glass of hot water and mix honey to taste, stir until smooth and then drunk.
Young papaya latex useful anyway to cope with burns or wounds insect bites manner; the sap is applied to the wound.

Benefit of Cactus

Cactus trunked tree green small barbs have Benefits to clean the wound and stop bleeding in wounds that bleed. Fluid contained in cactus can help contract the blood vessels in the wound and close it so that the blood stops flowing.
How to use the cactus tree trunks; sliced cactus stem with a clean knife, then put slices of cactus that is still wet on the wound and press firmly. Wait until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding has stopped, the cactus slices tie with a cloth to keep them attached. After 3 hours, open the cloth bonding and wash the wound with soap and water. This is the first aid to wash the wound and stop the bleeding.

Benefit WINE
Tannins contained in wine can attack the virus. Inactivate the virus and lowers cholesterol. Flavonoid contained in wine is an anti-oxidant. Contain iron. Helps blood formation. Cleanse the liver. Help kidney function. Remove the fat of the kidneys.

Benefits OF APPLES
Cleanse the body, muscles and digestive Repair, Overcoming all infections. Pushing the rest of the food in the sewer and heal any inflammation. Control the release of insulin. Helps bone formation. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Absorb calcium from food.

Benefits Avocado
Treating dry facial skin, thrush, sore cavities, bladder stones, diabetes parse inflammation of the bones, high blood pressure.

Overcome dysentery, acute and chronic diarrhea, indigestion, colitis, diabetes.

Benefits Sour sop
Prevent the aging process, increase endurance, low back pain, constipation, sore waist overcome interference.

Benefits OF TOMATO
Overcoming indigestion, irritable bowel overcome, helps the body's metabolism, cleanse the intestines and stomach, preventing appendicitis, cleanses the blood.

Nourish the skin, cools the body temperature, digestion cleaning.

Is hot, nutritious increase transpiration, as a stimulant, diuretic, anti liniment for the pain, stomach reliever?

Lowering high blood pressure, lower blood sugar in diabetics, increase immune system, digestive disorders medication, anti-cancer, can prevent heart disease. Worming, garlic if taken with celery can lower blood pressure, treat goiter.

Benefit OF ONION
Lowering cholesterol activity inside of blood, asthma cure, cure leukemia, and against tumor cells.

Benefit Celery
Maintain youthfulness of cells, maintaining the health of the walls of the stomach and intestines, maintain muscle tone, diabetes, treating asthma, and help dissolve the calcium in the body, treating rheumatism and blood flow.

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