Alcohol Dringking Habits Severe Hepatitis

Alcohol Dringking Habits Severe Hepatitis - Many habits - habits that do can cause chronic disease, one of the health-damaging habits is the habit of drinking liquor or alcoholic beverages are high. Alcohol can bring pleasure to those who drink, but can also bring misery long. Drinking alcoholic beverages in terms of health are taken once - time is not too harmful to health, but if alcohol is drunk every day with excessive and becomes a habit will have an impact - a bad impact in addition to health as well as for mental health, which, if every day is at the influence of alcohol will lead to loss of self-control or the ability to consider the good and bad that will lead to further violence against others. This habit can be prevented either by knowing the effect on personal health.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is done continuously according to some health experts can caused hardening of liver disease (cirrhosis hepatic). These diseases afflict people - people who for many years have a habit of eating less and always drink alcohol excessively.

Sign - sign of the disease is usually suffered by people - people aged over 40 years who always drink alcohol excessively, first - first the person is suffering from diseases such as inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), which is characterized by symptoms of loss of appetite or loss of appetite, body feels weak and lethargic, suffering from stomach disorders and often feel pain in the upper right abdomen or heart area. In cases of severe illness increases patient can be thinner and may have vomiting blood, even in more severe stages of the patient's feet may swell and growing stomach filled with fluid, skin and eyes may become yellow (icterus).

Hardening of the liver disease who has severe intractable, drugs - drugs do not work or cannot help. Preferably at the beginning of the visible symptoms - symptoms of hardening of the liver disease should be doing - as follows; the main thing is to stop drinking alcohol. People who really are addicted to alcohol or heavy drinkers and not show signs - signs of liver disease may immediately terminate the habits, if difficult to be done slowly or gradually by reducing the dose than usual, was gradually reduced continue to be offset by improvements in diet and foods that contain high nutrition to stop completely. Stop completely is a major step to stop hardening of the liver disease.
The next step is to diet, start eating nutritious foods, especially foods that are high in protein and vitamins sufficient. Protein is useful as a substance forming the body tissue, i.e. for growth and the formation of muscle tissue, brain, DNA other body parts. Foods that contain lots of protein including; eggs, chicken, meat, milk, cheese, soybeans, peas, beans, peanuts, dark green vegetables, seeds, grains, and other types of nuts. Foods that are rich in vitamins including; meat, liver, eggs, fish, fish oil, cheese, greens, reddish yellow vegetables, fruits such as papaya, oranges, apples and other grains. Besides drinking water which is quite a lot or other fluids like coconut water and others are also good for the body is not lack of water or dehydration. If there is swelling in patients with hardening of the heart then he must abstain from eating salt.

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