Mental Healing Methods

Mental Healing Methods

Mental healing Methods. Mental healing is a process of self-healing (self-healing), the idea of Self-healing stems from a realization that the man in him has been awarded a complex system and complete by the Creator to be able to grow and overcome a variety of disorders including disease- disease.

Mental healing begins with awareness and understanding of man against himself, where he started figuring out and understanding of conflicts, fears, strengths and weaknesses of himself. For some people who have managed to cure his mental assume that most of the diseases that affects the human body comes from the chaos of thoughts and feelings, such as feeling depressed, anxious, anxiety, and other feelings that show great resistance in him, which affect the physical cause stress, addiction to medicine, cancer and others.

Key to the success of the methods of mental healing often begins with a realization that love affection is the key to human existence, people began to realize the existence of himself and began to open up to the people around him, from there began to grow the expectations, the desire to live and dig positive factors are essential in order to continue to exist, willingness to forgive, the desire for change, positive attitude and generous nature and always want to give.

Mental healing focuses on how people find full awareness of him and how to find the center of a stable existence in his heart; this is considered the most powerful healers of all kinds of drugs. This process is cotinuous which will have an impact on the stability of the human body functions. The word "healing" means a method and process how ultimately mental functions running in harmony and a strong influence on the alignment of the body's functions permanently in general, commonly referred to as "healthy".

The first process is done in this method is to identify the human body's defense field or body biochemistry (aura field) which is the immune fort first before it enters the human body and mind. In this process a person is expected to obtain stability in the energy field of the body's immune system. In this process done nutrition or ingredients that either (foods healers are well located in vegetables such as green vegetables, spinach and other fruits that are rich in vitamins such as orange, papaya and other fresh meats such as chicken meat and others , otherwise food using harmful preservatives are bad nutrition for healing), appreciation and positive thinking, sensory awareness among private in itself with the surrounding environment, prayer-prayer, fasting and methods that are considered to connect the spiritual connection into his heart as a healing center. Good feelings and happiness, emotional excitement affects the immune system.

The next process is directed to strengthen mental with open awareness of heart and spiritual through conditions sincerity by continuing to open their hearts and minds, turn on receipts heart of various events and turn compassion without consideration or remuneration, to build an awareness of the role and purpose of human life such as to serve, teach and pass on knowledge, and to realize the virtues, use the time, realizing harmony - harmony (balance) and personal welfare (internal) and environmental (external), always remember God and feel his presence with awarness and grateful all his benefits.

Mental healing process is expected to realize the benefits - an enormous benefit to live a life that is good and healthy, feel calm and happiness, let go of fears and worries and feel all connected with the source of life.

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