Tips To Eliminate Pain When Coming Months

TIPS TO ELIMINATE PAIN WHEN COMING MONTHS - Menstruation or menses (menstruation) is common among women. Usually children - girls start menstruating at the age between 11 to 16 years this means medically girl has had a readiness to conceive, but in cultural or psychological readiness to conceive for girls should be after the age of mature from the age of 19 or 20 years , The length of a normal menstrual period generally ranges from 3 to 6 days, but some are more than that even reaching 10 to 15 days, as long as there are no symptoms - symptoms of impaired or disease then it is said to be normal. Usually in normal women they got menstruation every 28 days, but this situation is not the same in every person varies depending habits. A common complaint experienced by teenage girls teenage years are coming in often feel pain or irregular time. This is usually not a disorder or disease. It is still showing signs of normal.

Tips - Tips when women feel pain when coming months;

1. Women who experience pain during menstruation or menstruation actually do not have to feel anxious or excessive fear. The pain experienced during menstruation is a normal phenomenon that occurs in women, especially if it's still early teens usual symptoms.

2. When the pain experienced during menstruation arrives, actually do not need to lie in bed like a sick person, even with continued pain laid tersebuat seemed increasingly become - so.

3. Pain during menstruation often be reduced or lost altogether if you move your body, take a walk, or perform light tasks such as sweeping the house or yard, wrong - wrong room, cooking or light exercise.

4. To reduce the pain during menstruation in addition to moving the body can also be done by drinking warm water, or soak feet in warm water, the way you sit in a chair, prepare warm water in a bucket for example, then rendamkan feet in warm water while drinking beverages that can warm.

5. Another thing that can be done to reduce pain during menstruation is warm compresses on the belly, how to prepare in a container of warm water and a small towel or cloth, and the cloth insert into the warm water and wring, paste on the abdomen in warm and humid , Then repeat again if the fabric has become cold. In order for durable warmth does not quickly evaporate, having affixed over the abdomen with a plastic seal again thereon may also plus plaster so warm last long.

6. Another way when it feels pain during menstruation can be eliminated or reduced by taking painkillers containing aspirin or as directed by health workers, but it's best if the way - simple and natural way can be cured does not have to take medication as often take medication for the chemical thing - the less need less good for health because of drugs - a chemical drug will cause side effects, except for an urgent new take medication as if by the way - the traditional way does not improve even the pain was severe before taking the medication, it does not mean waiting until but for some cases of severe drug is often unhelpful or no effect even cured by the way - the way of simple because of disorders such as pain during menstruation, for example, is not a disease so you should medication be the last option. If it has been inspected by health officials there is a disease that drug use should be done.

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